25 Relatable Memes That Capture the Crazy Life and Times of Gen X | “I Have the Patience of Job”

25 Relatable Memes That Capture the Crazy Life and Times of Gen X | “I Have the Patience of Job”
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Generation X is variously called Gen X, baby bust generation or MTV Generation and they are the generation of Americans born between 1965 and 1980. Gen X is positioned between baby boomers (1946 – 1964) and millennials (1981-1996) and they had less adult supervision as children, which helped them to learn the value of independence and find work-life balance, per Encyclopedia Britannica. They are also regarded as resourceful and cynical and sometimes, people even call them the "forgotten generation." But the internet never lets us forget that Gen X had a gala time while growing up. They were the first generation who embraced the Walkman, some had personal computers and since there was no Netflix, they sat together as a family to watch the telly. We have combed the internet to share a selection of the funniest references to Generation X made by Twitter users. These memes will wonderfully encapsulate the spirit of Gen X and give you a good laugh irrespective of the generation you belong to. 


1. Interesting way of life



2. Gen X is immune to violence in films


3. Gen X clearly wins the battle



4. Proof that we are getting old


5. Their special attachments to certain horror movies



6. Sarcasm is the best weapon



7. Memory gets a little foggy in some areas


8. Normal day in Gen X life



9. Got no love for other generations


10. They have infinite patience



11. Unique form of entertainment for Gen X



12. Time flies really fast, huh?


13. We all love drama, don't we?


14. Seems like a perfect comparison


15. Good old days of DVD and VCR


16. There are more significant problems than quicksand


17. 80s world had its own flavor


18. That is how introverts are made


19. At least one kid might have fractured their skull on this


20. Sending mixtapes was their love language


21. Gen X was built to be tough


22. They are experts in making a poker face


23. She was more than just that


24. Helmets did not exist for Gen X


25. People forget that Gen X exists


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