Dad Live Tweets Teen Stepson’s Stealthy Attempt to Sneak a Girl Out of the House and It’s a Suspenseful Laugh Riot

Dad Live Tweets Teen Stepson’s Stealthy Attempt to Sneak a Girl Out of the House and It’s a Suspenseful Laugh Riot

The teenage boy's dad enjoyed hilariously documenting the teen's attempt to get the girl out of the house without raising any alarms.

Sneaking a girl into your house and thinking your parents wouldn't be aware? Big mistake. Parents are always a step ahead and this Twitter thread proved it. A father live-tweeted his stepson's hilarious attempt to sneak a girl out of the house in the morning and it had social media users on the edge of their seats.


The teenage boy dared to sneak his female friend into the house and had to escort her out the next morning without alerting his parents. Little did he know his stepdad was already live-tweeting about his antics and the internet was fully invested in how it would unfold.


The story began when the 18-year-old quietly slipped the girl into his room without making a noise or alerting his parents. However, one mistake gave him away.

The girl left her white sneakers at the front door. Although the boy's mother did not notice the shoes, the stepdad realized what had occurred and began documenting the saga in anticipation of his sneaky teen's next steps in a since-deleted Twitter thread, reports Bored Panda.



Here's how it unfolded:

1. Moment when the girl set foot in the house

"So, my stepson has a girl upstairs in his room that stayed the night, and my wife doesn't know yet. I'm curious about how he plans to smuggle her out now that the whole family is awake... and now we wait," the dad tweeted.


2. Mom is clueless throughout the sneaking episode.

"People asking for updates: she's still here, the wife has gone into full Saturday house cleaning mode. Still hasn't noticed the cute white shoes by the door. This could be his chance while she's distracted," he continued.

3. Unraveling the mystery of the all-white shoes

"No one in this house would have all-white shoes." 


4. Getting to the shoes would be tricky

"A note on the shoe thing. There is a side door attached to the kitchen, literally right at the bottom of the stairs. But those damn shoes are on the opposite side of the house."

5. Opportunity strikes when the mom's engrossed in work

"11:00 am central standard time, my wife (amazing wife) cleaning so hardcore she doesn't even notice me standing behind her to take this pic... Music cranked all the way. Now's the chance.. will he see the opportunity??"


6. Dad has no intention of helping the kid out

"I see all [of your] comments about helping the kid out. He's an 18-year-old grown-a** man. We live and die by our choices." 

7. Mom's done with the bathroom and approaches the kitchen. Tension rises

"And the wife is done in the bathroom and has moved into the kitchen. The kitchen is at the bottom of the stairs! Ooof!!" 


8. Twitter praises the young boy when dad asked them to pick sides

"So who are we rooting for??"

9. Dad makes predictions on the couple's next move

"I think they might be waiting it out. The wife usually lays down and reads after lunch, especially after cleaning her a** off all morning. Could he be waiting for that?? Can she hold her pee for another hour or so?? I have no idea what they thinking up there." 

10. He jokes that the movie might flop.

"I am afraid this thread isn't going to live up to the hype. You know, like a Ben Affleck Miramax movie. I'm waiting just like the rest of you." 


11. And the girl reveals herself.

"OMG OMG OHHHH MY GAWDDDDDDD. SHE CAME DOWN TO USE THE BATHROOM! IT'S ONE OF HIS CLOSEST FRIENDS! See mom might believe it's just a friendly sleepover. She was lucky enough to sleep through the f**k fest above our heads at 4 am." 

12. Mom is mysteriously quiet. 

"I don't even know if the wife saw her come downstairs to use the bathroom. She's said nothing, and it's not like I can ask... yet."

13. The boy came for the shoes. Bravo! 

"Omg this kid!! NONCHALANT AF! He casually strolls downstairs... AND grabbed those shoes and went back upstairs. Side eyeing me the whole way past. I shot him a little wink. They are gonna hit that side door, bet." 


14. Love wins

"Well, that's a wrap folk! Mama just went to the bedroom to lie down and read for a bit. He's got a good 2-3 hour window... Looks like young love finds a way, for now!" 


15. And they left

"And closure. Sure enough, hit the side door and they have gone. I don't know about you but need a drink after that suspense. Thanks for following along! That was amazing." 


16. Mom knew about the young couple's night in

"Factoid: mom knew she was spending the night. As they were close friends practically their whole lives, of course, they would never be physical like that. Mom was actually worried I was going to notice and be upset since there is a pretty clear no-sleepover rule."


17. Well, she knew the half-truth

"What mom didn't know, until reading the thread later, was about the f**k fest above our heads at 4 am. That was a fun treat for her to find out after half of Twitter already knew." 

That was one crazy thread and it kept us all hooked till the end. 

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