Dad's Hilarious Conversations With His Four Daughters Has The Internet In Splits

Dad's Hilarious Conversations With His Four Daughters Has The Internet In Splits
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Writer of comedy, owner of pigs and creator of Exploding Unicorn project, James Breakwell is also a popular dad of four lovely girls on the internet. He is known to explode a barrel of laughter whenever he tweets a "relatable" and "to-the-point" chunk of a conversation between him and his daughters. Despite the challenges and emotional rollercoaster rides, he demonstrates how much fun parenting can be. He shared in an interview with Bored Panda, "I convey my parenting disasters in a way that's relatable and, more importantly, short. Parents are pressed for time. I condense big stories into small tweets. That's why readers keep coming back." Here are 25 of the most amusing conversations he's had with his daughters. 


1. Bad idea



2. Other people.


3. Yes, yes, I do.




4. Everything is a source of knowledge



5. It's always mom



6. Dream big.


7. Let 'em be happy



8. Elite gals



9. Ain't got nobody to impress



10. We before Me


11. Was it?



12. Not desperate...just hungry


13. Feels good. You should try it sometime. 


14. Watch this!


15. As I said, everything is a source of knowledge


16. Enough to last an eternity then


17. "Have a tolerable time"


18. Just in a blink of an eye 


19. What kind of people? What kind of hygiene?


20. Wisdom score be zero


21. The entire thing down the drain


22. Hardworking girl


23. Savage...pure savage


24. Being right comes with a price


25. Valid point there...


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