Donut Guy Arrested For Giving Officer Coffee With A 'Thick Piece Of Mucus'

Donut Guy Arrested For Giving Officer Coffee With A 'Thick Piece Of Mucus'

He really had it coming!

Vincent J. Sessler, 25, of Chicago was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct, reckless conduct, and battery to a peace officer when the officer found out that his coffee had been laced by a generous helping of the barista's mucus.

Vincent J. Sessler (Image: Illinois State Police)

As reported by LadBible, the incident happened when an officer went into the Dunkin' Donut outlet to get a large black coffee and came out with a cup that had been spit into. He had opened the lid for the coffee to cool when he noticed 'a large, thick piece of mucus' floating in it. It was later confirmed that it was saliva.


The Illinois State Police Director Brendan F. Kelly released a statement saying: "This is outrageous and disgusting. The men and women of the Illinois State Police put their heart and soul into protecting the lives and rights of all people in this state every day.." The statement added: "They deserve better than this insulting and dangerous treatment."


Later, a Dunkin' Donut spokesperson told NBC5: "We are aware of the matter that took place at the Dunkin' restaurant located at 6738 W. Archer, Chicago, IL. Dunkin' and all of our franchisees share the goal of creating a welcoming environment in all Dunkin' restaurants and treating all guests with dignity and respect."


They added: "The type of behavior reported to us is inconsistent with the brand's values. The franchise owner who independently owns and operates this restaurant, informs us that he took immediate action to investigate the matter and terminated the individual responsible for this reprehensible behavior." 

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