A Never-Before-Seen Cold Open From “The Office” Shows Morpheus Trying To Red Pill Dwight


SCRANTON, PA — It’s been years since The Office left the air, but the show’s enormous fandom has only kept on growing over time. Now, Office-starved fanatics are getting their first original morsel of new footage from the show: NBC has released a never-before-seen cold open from the show where Dwight meets Morpheus from The Matrix in a dank, dark warehouse!

Check it out below:

Originally filmed for the show’s 9th season, the clip is dedicated to the late Hugh Dane, who portrayed Dunder Mifflin’s Hank the Security Guard, as well as Morpheus in this cold open. Summed up, this cut scene features Jim and Pam pranking the ever-gullible Dwight yet again, by convincing him he’s being recruited into the Matrix.

Let’s stop right there: Jim and Pam’s fixation with driving Dwight insane is clear cut workplace harassment. Shame on everyone at Dunder Mifflin for letting this bullying go on unabated.

Sure, Dwight may be a freak. But if this kind of sadistic behavior went down in the Men’s Humor office? Let’s just things would’ve gone a bit differently. There would been a lot of blood in Jim and Pam’s cubicles. A lot of blood.

Is it any wonder Dwight’s anti-social, erratic behavior only become more exacerbated throughout the years? Through no fault of his own, Dwight needed the help of a prolonged stay in a psychiatric wellness center. And Jim and Pam needed the discipline of a prolonged stay behind bars in Scranton Penitentiary.

Anyway, it’s so cool to see new footage from one of the greatest shows of all time. Who knows when we’ll see a new scene from The Office ever again? Here’s to hoping there’s a whole treasure trove of unreleased material that fans will get to see one day.