A Yoda Tried To Put Down These Two Golden Retrievers And Got Its ASS Kicked!


This is so satisfying. If you’ve ever had a Yoda get into your house and try to put down your dogs, you are going to want to see this absolutely epic video from Golden Brothers on YouTube. These two golden retrievers take no shit from this little pest of a Yoda, and put it in its place.

Watch these dogs get this Yoda’s ass below!

Did you see how annoying that Yoda was? God, we hate Yodas. This is why it’s so important to put peanut butter on a mouse trap to catch these Yodas before they kill your dogs.

Fuck it. These Yodas deserve to be tossed in a pile of leaves and burned.

Clearly, that Yoda’s mind was set on murdering these dogs. It wanted to cut their heads off or bite these dogs, or something else just absolutely violent and annoying. But at a certain point, these golden retrievers had enough, and decided to fuck this Yoda up beyond all recognition.

Hell-to-the-yes. May the walls run green with Yoda blood in that house!

Well, it just goes to show that nature has a way of resolving inter-animal issues. And when it comes to the battle between dogs and Yodas? Dogs are bound to come out on top. Simply epic.