‘Caillou’ Has Been Canceled And Parents Are Overjoyed


TELEVISION, AMERICA — If you were hoping to wake up to some good news this morning, you’re in luck, because this story is going to have you popping champagne bottles in celebration: after polluting television with Caillou’s bald non-sense for 24 years, PBS announced via Twitter that the hit children’s show is being pulled from their lineup.

“We’re saying farewell to @cailloudhx, but remember, when we say goodbye to something, it just means we get to say hello to something new!,” wrote PBS, apparently under the impression that the viewing public would react to Caillou’s cancellation with any emotions but than pure joy, ecstasy, and relief.

Bye, you little freak! See you in hell.

Though Caillou stopped been making new episodes way back in 2010, PBS continued to subject us to the whiniest, baldest 4 year-old on TV for years and years. Known for his shrieking tantrums and inability to do anything without pissing off everyone around him, the universally loathed Caillou had become a notorious TV presence in family households across the globe.

Twitter wasted no time heralding the demise of everyone’s least-beloved, animated child-bitch.

2021 off to a good start indeed. Hopefully we get even more cartoon children booted off the air, please!

For being so maligned, Caillou had an impressive run, so we’ve got to hand it to the bald kid for that. Also, let’s not forget the one good thing to come out of his otherwise nightmarish existence in our lives.