Care To See Zac Efron’s Tiny Little Mullet?


KENT TOWN, AUSTRALIA – If you’ve ever sat through High School Musical and muttered “give the boy a different haircut…” under your breath, today is your lucky day: Zac Efron has given himself a mullet. 

The 33 year-old actor debuted his new look on the Instagram page for the Australia-based barber shop Attaboy. Quite incredibly, it may be the smallest haircut we’ve ever seen. Check it out below.

From The Attaboy Barbershop Instagram

We’re honestly disappointed. Does this miniscule flip of hair even qualify as a mullet? Our entire staff is bald, so it’s better than we can do, but Efron’s attempt at a mullet cannot help but feel like a half-measure. In our opinion, a real mullet is long enough that it allows you to grip like the reins on a horse.

Efron, his appetite for hair left unsatiated by his own haircut, took to the shears himself and gave the boss of Attaboy a trim as well (presumably by force). 

Fans sounded off about Efron’s mullet online, most of them expressing craven lust and jealousy of how well they felt he pulled off this new hairstyle.

“Zac efron has mullet….and still looks hot. HOW DOES HE LOOK GOOD IN ANYTHING,” said one incorrect person. 

“Omfg also he’s shorter than I imagined!” noted another rude comment. 

According to the Men’s Humor Australian satellite office, the “Down-To-Earth” star has been spending time Down Under with his girlfriend, an aspiring model Vanessa Valladares, who he met while she was waitressing in Byron Bay. 

Vanessa could not be reached for comment in regards to her opinion of Efron’s mullet, but if you see her violently vomiting into a kangaroo’s pouch anytime soon, you can safely assume her boyfriend’s tiny little haircut is why.