16 Times Drunk People Incorrectly Thought They Were Meeting A Celeb

by Tim K

Nothing in the world beats meeting a celebrity. There’s just this… this rush that can’t be explained. Sure, other stuff comes pretty close. Getting married. Selling a car. Sports gambling. But that celeb rush… for our money, that’s basically THE BEST you can feel. But with a high that high, that just means the lows are pretty damn low. Drunk people, relating yet?

Imagine this: You spot a celebrity, you work up the courage to ask for a picture, you tell them how big of a fan you are — hell, you might even give them notes on ways they could improve their craft — and it all goes so swimmingly… until the next morning, when you realize that you were ACTUALLY just talking to some regular-ass person who’s kind of a weirder version of a celebrity.

Sound humiliating? Sure, yes, of course. But is it hilarious when it happens to NOT you? You betcha! So, for your enjoyment, we’ve rounded up 16 photos of exactly that below!

Check Out These Folks Who (Almost) Met Celebs!

Yep… okay… these are absolutely tight!!! Thank you, all of you drunk folks, who made such a majorly embarrassing mistake for our entertainment. We will love you forever! Thank you, drunk people! Goodbye.

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