Adam Sandler Turns The Sidewalk Into A Runway With Shorts And A Sweatshirt

by Gorman
Adam Sandler collage

The celebrity rag is a rough beat, and if you don’t believe us just ask the Daily Mail. They recently published a story about what Adam Sandler wore while walking his dog in Malibu. The discerning reader might assume that Mr. Sandler, star of such classics as “Spanglish” and “Click,” was wearing something nice. It would have to be pretty spiffy or strange to warrant an entire article, right? Nope. He wore a sweatshirt and shorts.

The glamour of show biz!

Adam Sandler strutted down the sidewalk in a red North Face sweatshirt (probably vintage) and casual blue shorts (ooh la la!.) This patriotic ensemble was topped off with a blue army fatigue face mask, the very height of modern masculine style.

The dog is looking decidedly cross, probably because his owner is showing him up! You can’t wear something so stylish when your little companion is wearing nothing at all! That’s not fair!

Sandler “finished the look” with grey sneakers and socks with ‘I [heart] you Dad” on the side (this is actually pretty cute.) All in all the look is completely, utterly normal. Maybe even a little lazy! However, when the news cycle is dominated by Wall Street mayhem and speculative shenanigans, the fashion choices of men who were on SNL in the 90s become top bill stories. Lucky you, Adam Sandler!

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