Chrissy Teigen Posted Some Dumb Stuff On Twitter For All Of Us To Laugh At

by TheDuder95

Celebrities sure do know how to use their privilege to give back in more ways than one, don’t they? During these polarizing times, it’s important for people to find common ground to stand on. Thanks to Chrissy Teigen, we now all have something that just might bring our divided nation together.

It all started yesterday when she decided to complain on Twitter about an expensive bottle of wine that she thought tasted bad. Wow. $13,000 spent on wine. Very sorry to hear about that!

Once Chrissy provided the target, it only took a matter of moments for the Internet to collectively ban together to fire back. In a world that has been ravaged by a global pandemic, with millions of people losing their jobs and livelihood, Chrissy Teigen put the team on her back and said “Hey look at how annoying I can be.”

While it’s fair to be angry at Teigen’s lack of self-awareness, we have to stop and celebrate all of the iconic jokes that came out of this moment. Below are some of the most hilarious responses posted about Teigen yesterday. We recommend taking a look and relishing this moment of organized action against an annoying, out-of-touch celebrity.

Who knows when we might get this kind of opportunity again?

1. It can’t be understated how much of a hero that server is

They seriously deserve a raise.

2. We know Chrissy is a model, but having such a lack of self-awareness is also a job

This meme hits hard.

3. It’s not prejudice against rich people, it’s prejudice against annoying people

Sorry but that’s the truth.

4. This probably isn’t that far from the truth

We do not want to be around the Legen/Teigen household when the jellybeans get mixed up.

5. Damn this is brutal!

Go off Joanne. We are here for this!

6. Just some relatable humor for everyone online

Or so she thinks.

7. And it tasted bad…

Not sure what’s more frustrating: Teigen’s wine tweet or college professors who make you buy the book that they wrote for class.

8. We would watch this

Somebody share their HBO Max password in the comments so we can tune in.

9. Honestly a pretty reasonable question

The same for us but replace wine with Double IPAs that we end up hating

10. This is the only way to make things right

Chrissy it’s not too late. You’ve proven that you can unite the Internet in a way no one thought possible. Now it’s time to pay it forward and help the rest of us out.

Chrissy Teigen deserves a shoutout for giving millions of people an outlet to vent their frustrations about the current state of the world. For that we have to stop and thank her.