Elton John Says “Heckler” Once Threw A HOT DOG At Him. But Are We Sure That Wasn’t A “Great Job!” Hot Dog?

by Tim K
elton john

Here’s some confusing news coming down the pike: Per Ultimate Classic Rock, Elton John says a heckler once got so upset with his performance that he threw the hot dog at him.

Damn… Okay… But how can we be sure this “heckler” wasn’t actually a mega-fan who threw the hot dog as a good thing? Like, as a “way-to-go!” type situation? Could go either way!

Okay… Let’s Start From The Top…

Writing in The Guardian about how the world needs to accept and celebrate younger British artists, Elton John explained the hot dog situation in some detail (but not quite enough):

“In 1966, I went to Hamburg, [and I] was the keyboard player in Bluesology, and we had a residency at the Top Ten Club, where the Beatles had famously cut their teeth. It was a real baptism of fire. We played on the Reeperbahn, five hours a night in among the brothels and sex shows, to audiences who hadn’t come to see us. But it was still great: We played so much, we didn’t have any choice but to improve as a band.”

He explained, “it was better than my solo debut on the continent a few years later, when some bright spark booked me as the support act to Sergio Mendes in Paris.

“One audience member was so aggrieved at having his evening of bossa nova interrupted by the strains of ‘Your Song’ that he threw his hot dog at me. Clearly, the only way was up. I kept touring Europe and gradually built up an incredibly loyal audience.”

But THAT’S Where Things Get Murky

Elton FAILS to provide much context for the moments leading up to when the hot dog was thrown at him. Did the fan yell anything, like “I have an extra hot dog for a superstar?” Did Elton John mutter anything under his breath, like, “I’d do anything for a hot dog right about now. I need fuel to sing.” How did the fan LOOK when he threw it? Angry? Or excited with anticipation, like someone who’s watching a loved one rip open the gift wrapping on a present they know they knocked out of the park?

At this point, we have more questions than answers.

Here’s to hoping that Elton John quits beating around the bush and publishes a SECOND article in The Guardian that explains whether or not this was a happy hot dog or an angry hot dog! Until then, thanks for reading, Men’s Humorites! Thank you! Goodbye.

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