Twitter Is Livid That Phoebe Bridgers Smashed A Guitar On SNL Last Night

phoebe bridgers and tweet

Some people just can’t handle rock n’ roll. Back in the day when rock ruled the radio, if you smashed a guitar, you were recognized as one cool-as-hell cat. Today? You end up upsetting thousands of squares on Twitter. That’s exactly what happened after Saturday Night Live last night, when indie rocker Phoebe Bridgers ended her set by weakly smashing her guitar on a stage amp.

Watch Phoebe Bridgers feebly swing her guitar around below

Extra? Hey Brooklyn Dad…rock n’ roll IS extra, you fuckin’ freak!

The only thing worth critiquing about Phoebe’s guitar smash is the total lack of strength she puts into it. It’s like watching a 90 year-old woman struggling with a bag of groceries. Kind of fuckin’ pathetic.

Weak-ass guitar smash aside, we unfortunately gotta come to her defense because of some weirdos online.

One person thought it was “rude.”

SMDH. This is why posting should be illegal. Thousands upon thousands of people just embarrassing themselves today, man.

This is just plain sad all around. SNL, Phoebe Bridgers, and all the freaks protesting her guitar smash online all need to be cast out of society. Each entity has proved they are incapable of behaving without cringing everyone out.

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