Elephant Seal VS. Car. Only One Gets Out Alive. Who Do You Think Will Win?


We’ve made our views on seals quite clear. Here at Men’s Humor, we don’t like seals. Not at all. They look like living sleeping bags from a Studio Ghibli movie, and they make incredible dumb noises and facial expressions. However, just because we don’t like seals doesn’t mean we don’t respect an elephant seal’s willingness to take on a vehicle. Below, you will find a gigantic dumbass elephant seal that was probably a legendary warrior in a past life. The way it treats cars is so profoundly disrespectful that we have no choice but to give it a pass. And that’s saying something, because we really, really fuckin’ hate seals.

Alright, elephant seal versus car. On your marks…get…set…click to watch!

Watch a seal smash cars below!

Looks like the elephant seal won this time. These cars did not even fight back. In fact, all the vehicles looked pretty scared and defeated as the elephant seal smashed its stupid body against them.

Fair is fair. This elephant seal won the battle AND the war against vehicles.

Nonetheless, it would still give us great pleasure to shock this enormous idiot seal with a cattle prod. It’d be pretty funny to watch, even if it smashes our car as revenge afterwards. Worth it!

We don’t drive anything fancy. 2008 Toyota Camry. It’s fine. Would gladly trade that thing for the honor of committing violence on a seal with the power of electric weapons. Wait, you know what else would be fun to do to this elephant seal? Pepper spray. This thing could definitely handle some pepper spray, no long-term damage, probably. Plus, the resulting vehicular destruction would be so delightful to watch.

We’re going to brainstorm a few more ways we could really get this seal pissed off and in the mood to smash automobiles. In the meantime, keep scrolling our site and enjoying content!