Gamestop Movie In The Works At Netflix, Holy Crap That Was Fast

by Mad Dog
gamestop and Noah Centineo

HOLLYWOOD—Well, if you like video games, you’re going to love this. After all the insanity last week surrounding Wall Street and Reddit, Netflix is jumping into the fray to turn the GameStop saga into a feature length film!

Hollywood FTW!

This is going to be crazy.

What the hell is going on with GameStop?

Okay, here’s what happened. Basically, a legion of Reddit posters started talking about this stock and made it pop! Now millions of people are buying and beating the hedge funds at their own game. This is epic on every goddamn level.

But why is Netflix making a movie about a story that isn’t even over yet? We talked about this as a staff, and decided it’s because Netflix is being a greedy dumbass. Hey Netflix…about you write up something NEW instead of jumping on a bandwagon? A little desperate, we gotta say.

Should Men’s Humor Fans By GameStop Stock?

We are not financial advisors, we just like the GameStop stock a lot. We think that other people will like it as well. Let’s get this bread players! We can’t wait to see this movie and you guys are going to love it as well.

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