Gene Simmons Wants You To Listen To Him Brag About How Rich He Is

by Tim K

If you’ve been wondering how Gene Simmons feels about money in general, you’re about to get some answers: Per Ultimate Classic Rock, Gene Simmons said he believes he should be allowed to talk about how rich he is to anyone and everyone he wants to without it feeling taboo.

Wow. Gene Simmons must really enjoy being wealthy. Sounds neat, man!

In a recent interview with American Songwriter, the KISS legend explained that, since he worked really hard for his money and earned it all fair and square, he should be allowed to openly talk about his hundreds of millions of dollars without being labeled “an asshole.” Rather, considering the next-level grind he put in to earn his fortune, he wants to be able to “revel in his riches,”

Read Gene’s Interesting Take Below:

“We’re not supposed to revel in our riches, but that’s bullshit,” Simmons said. “If I walk around … and said I’m worth a couple hundred million dollars, or a billion, or whatever they say – I don’t keep track – people would go, ‘Listen to that guy. What an asshole.’”

“But if I just won the lottery, everybody goes, ‘Fantastic! You won a shitload of money and you didn’t work at all for it,'” he added.

“I’ve worked for every penny I got. I should be the one that should be able to say, ‘Look at all the money I got.’ But nope, can’t do that.”

Huh. It sounds like Gene Simmons thinks that if you’re not rich like him, it’s simply because you’re lazier than he is and you don’t work as hard. Pretty cool for him that he’s such a hard worker, I guess!

He continued, going on to say, “I don’t know how to say this, but it’s better to be rich than poor. You can create jobs if you’re rich. You can give money to philanthropy if you’re rich. A poor person never gave me a job. And the person who came up with the phrase ‘money is the root of all evil’ is a moron.”

“Money is not the root of all evil. Lack of money is the root of all evil. The reason people hold up 7-11 is they don’t have money. Why would I ever hold up a 7-11 when I could just buy the block?” he concluded.

Damn! Gene Simmons just mentioned he could purchase a whole block if he wanted to. Pretty interesting!

Check Out Gene Simmons Working Hard For His Fortune Below!

So interesting. Whether or not you agree with Gene Simmons’s take, there is one thing he said that you simply can’t argue with: He’s rich, and he loves it!