GNR’s Epic 2002 Comeback Show Can Never Be Topped… Unless That Same Roster Reunites For Round 2!

by Tim K

ROCK, HOF — If you were lucky enough to witness the long-awaited Guns N’ Roses Reunion show at the 2002 VMAs at the time it aired, then you already know this to be true: No one could ever top what these GNR rock legends did on that fateful night, even 19 years later…

…Unless that EXACT same roster teamed up again and gave it a shot! C’mon, guys! Let’s run it back!

Everyone who owned a television in 2002 remembers it like yesterday: Jimmy Fallon onstage, mumbling incoherently to the crowd like some kind of sickly town fool. Jimmy Fallon eventually realizing that he was annoying everyone with his drooly, nonsensical rambling and finally going to lay down somewhere offstage.

Courtesy of ĄLĘXĄŃDÊR ÅLĄRÇØŃ YouTube Channel

And then, of course…

AXL Motherfuckin’ ROSE suddenly appearing like a called upon spirit, SHRIEKING a rusty SCREECH though the PA system like every car in the world slammed on their brakes at once!

Sure, The Sunset Boulevard King now had long, yellow, thick hairs cascading from his skull, and he’d somehow made his face as smooth as linoleum tile. But for real GNR Fans, there was never a moment of doubt: This WAS Axl Rose!

Courtesy of ĄLĘXĄŃDÊR ÅLĄRÇØŃ YouTube Channel
Courtesy of ĄLĘXĄŃDÊR ÅLĄRÇØŃ YouTube Channel

Fuck yes! We want more! Do it again, boys!

Then, of course there was Buckethead… sweet, young, playful, faithful Buckethead, off to the side — standing PERFECTLY STILL, donning a yellow chemical resistant jacket he must have found somewhere — and SHREDDING some guitar parts that some other piece of SHIT wrote… you know who I mean!

Courtesy of ĄLĘXĄŃDÊR ÅLĄRÇØŃ YouTube Channel

NOTE: That other “original” GNR guitarist WILL NOT be mentioned by name in this article! Traitor! Fuck that guy and his whole weird look he’s going for! Give Him The Chair! Give Him The Electric Chair!!!

The rest of the bandmembers onstage simply did not matter, because this show was all about Axl Rose, Buckethead, GNR finally reuniting, and — of course — the music.

Doesn’t it feel like people always forget about that? The music? Even though it’s actually what’s most important? I think so.

Re-Watch This Legendary Show One More Time!

Axl ran around stage that night for a total of eight amazing minutes, doing what looked like suicide sprints that whole time. It was magical. It was perfect. And, to date, it’s never been topped.

…Until now??? We sure hope so!

Let’s face it. It’s about damn time Guns N’ Roses reunited ONCE again with the ORIGINAL ROSTER from 2002. If anyone out there could put on a performance better than that incredible night at the VMAS, our money is On Axl Rose, Buckethead, and all those other weirdos that were with them.

So c’mon guys! What do you say?! Please let us know.