How Many Ears Will Mike Tyson Bite Off In His Battle Against The Mountain From ‘Game Of Thrones’?

by Tom Limo

Time to start to the day off with some badass news: Per LadBible, Mike Tyson and The Mountain from Game Of Thrones are set to square off in a movie coming this year.

Okay… hell yeah! It’s one thing to have two dudes as thick as central AC units fighting to the death, but when one guy’s secret move is biting off ears, our excitement can’t be contained!

The Former Heavyweight Champion of the World and That One Absolutely Huge Quiet Guy from Game of Thrones go head to head in a film titled Desert Strike. You can watch the trailer below!

Watch Mike Tyson in the trailer for Desert Strike

That’s right, motherfuckers! Look at our two big boys running around! Can you imagine? Standing next to these goliath guys must be like standing next to two golf carts propped up their back wheels: Very big, VERY heavy.

And better yet, ONE of those upright golf carts is famous for biting off people’s ears! How many will he get in this flick??? 40-something???

 Set to be released in the US this ear, Tyson will play an ex-military man tasked with protecting a group of Egyptian refugees (so it sounds like he won’t be biting their ears? Or he will be? We hope he does!)

Opposite him will be Icelandic strongman Hafthor Bjornsson, know better as that big weird guy who’s always lumbering around and muttering to himself in Game of Thrones (you better believe that he can kiss his ears goodbye!)

So awesome. While the actual plot of this movie doesn’t matter at all and would honestly probably piss me off if I knew too much about it, we couldn’t be more thrilled to watch Mike Tyson run amok on hopefully thousands of people’s ears. Go get em, Mike! Swallow them and everything! Eat! Eat!!! Don’t waste them!