Michael Anthony Recalls Fond Memories Of Ex-Enemy Eddie Van Halen


Eddie Van Halen was one of the most tragic celebrity deaths of 2020. Even his enemies, such as former Van Halen bandmate Michael Anthony, felt the sting of Eddie’s passing. Luckily, time heals all wounds, and Michael has made a gesture of affection towards Eddie that proves it.

Michael Anthony un-burns that bridge

During an interview with Chad Tyson of Portland’s 105.9 The Brew, Michael trot out of rare evidence of his positive feelings towards the legendary guitarist.

“[Eddie Van Halen] was a very humble guy. He never let the fame or stardom or all the accolades that he acquired playing guitar go to his head. He always just considered himself a guy who played guitar, and that was really special about him.”

“It’s really cool what Wolfgang did with his song ‘Distance,” said Michael Anthony, complimenting his Van Halen replacement, Wolfgang Van Halen, also known as Eddie Van Halen’s son. “And I wish him the best of luck with the album. It’s a hard time right now for somebody to come out with a new album, a new band, or whatever, but I know he’ll do well with it when he can get it all out there.”

Michael, you’re making us cry… via Giphy

What a mature thing to do. Good on Michael for leaving the past in the past where it belongs!

It’s especially incredible to see Michael express this much goodwill considering he got replaced by his boss’s son. Imagine if that happened to you. You go to work for Van Halen one day, and they say “you can’t be the bassist on our 2004 reunion tour anymore unless you give up your stake in the band.” You say, “no, that’s insane, I’m the bassist, this is bullshit, I quit.” Next day, your boss’s son is on stage playing your parts.

Being the bigger man is a tough thing to do but we salute Michael Anthony for trying!