Now’s Your Chance To SCREAM At Charles Barkley About Anything You’d Like! Hurry! Do NOT Miss Out!

by Tim K

Alright, everyone, this is NOT a drill: Twitter is absolutely teeing off on Charles Barkley for comments he made about Covid-19 last night, which means it’s the PERFECT time to take all of your personal bullshit out on him, too!

Do it now! Before everyone moves on and we don’t have ANYONE we’re allowed to scream at!

This awesome opportunity to yell at someone is all thanks to Sir Charles’s mistep on last night’s episode of ‘Inside the NBA,’ when he said that NBA players should get special treatment and be moved to the front of the line to get Covid-19 vaccines — in front of other normal, regular working-class people — because NBA stars pay more money in taxes.

Yep, that sure is dumb as shit, but who cares? All that matters is that we have someone to absolutely roast now — and about essentially ANYTHING we want! Who’s gonna stop us?!

Check Out Charles Barkley Saying That Dumb Thing He Said:

And now, get a load of the awesome, angry reactions that folks are already piling on!

Here Are Those Angry Tweets I Was Just Mentioning:

Yes! Yes!!! Excellent!!! More!!! Yell at him even more, and about other kinds of stuff, too!

You know what, no, don’t be like these Twitter users! They are wasting the moment! I command all Men’s Humor readers to get on Twitter RIGHT NOW and scream at Charles Barkley about things in your regular life that are upsetting! Your job! Your weight! General, vague feelings of fear and unsatisfaction! It’s not often that we’re allowed free reign to verbally abuse someone’s ass!

Go, all you Men’s Humor Older-White-Guy Freaks! Go be mean to someone!!!