Siegfried Fischbacher – Magician Famous For Watching Tiger Bite A Guy’s Neck – Has Died

by Tom Limo

Here’s some rough news for fans of magic or watching tiger attacks: Siegfried Fischbacher, who rose to fame for witnessing a guy get his neck mangled by a white tiger, has passed away at 81.

Just heartbreaking.

Siegfried, who did his thing as half of a magician duo for a while there, died Wednesday night from pancreatic cancer in his home in Las Vegas. Yup, Las Vegas. Where a couple years back, he saw this other guy get attacked really bad by a tiger. Siegfried was standing, like, four feet away when that happened.

Born in Rosenheim, Germany, on June 13, 1939, Siegfried Fischbacher would go on to watch a 380-pound tiger named Mantecore sinks its teeth into a guy’s neck in 2003. The big cat the size of a Toyota Corolla dragged the unknown man all over the stage as the audience watched on in horror.

All the while, Siegfried was onstage, and saw the whole thing from very close up.

Brutal. You gotta imagine that this guy had some seriously awesome stories about what it feels like to see a man get chomped through the windpipe by a tiger. Unfortunately, we won’t get to hear them anymore.

Damn. Here’s to hoping that Siegfried’s memory lives on through our collective imagination regularly wondering what it must’ve been like to see what Siegfried saw. RIP.