The Process For Making Chains Is So Beautiful. Like, Leave-Your-Wife Beautiful.


Is your wife present? No? Good. Why, you ask? Because watching this video is going to be a love affair with the process of making chains. That’s right. You are going to fall out of love with your wife and in love with the absolutely sultry production process for creating chains.

Check out Insider’s simply hot-as-hell video about how chains are made!

Did you bust in your pants? Yup. Same. Mhm. Don’t tell our wife about these chains, thanks.

Like, did you see those glowing hot chain links being slowly submerged in a tub of water to cool? Did you see that? Oh boy. Excuse us, we’re going to watch this video again. Just gonna go close the blinds and lock the door and tell our family we’re going to be on a work call for the next few hours.


Oof. That was even better on round 2. We cannot imagine being a glowing hot chain being lowered into water without losing all sense of reason and giving into some primal, virile force. It just takes control. Maybe, just maybe, it’s making us feel more alive than ever.

We’d suggest putting this video up in a museum of modern art, but we want it all to ourselves. We want to spoil this video, and let it do whatever it wants to us. Chains, do you hear this? We submit to your tantalizing production process, we submit our entire bodies to you!!!

Hallelujah! These chains are being produced and it’s LITERALLY altering our brain chemistry.

Well, this video was simply awesome. In fact, we’re going to watch it again. Care to join?