This Local News Anchor May Have Bloopered Himself Out Of A Job


Yikes. You simply do not want to be this guy. A local access news host, named Doug Prishpreed, is likely feeling the heat from his bosses at Channel 5 today. You’ll know why as soon as you see this totally awkward segment that Prishpreed will be reliving every day for the rest of his life!

Wow. This is so hard to watch.

In a segment celebrating a town event surrounding someone named Butter Boy (?!) and Slop’s Annual Butter-Me-Up-Day, Dough Prishpreed just could not seem to remember his lines. He went on to fidget with his eyes and spin in circles over poorly green screened footage of golfers. Oh, yeah: and his own face!

This segment is a disaster on so many levels. Poor Doug! He seemed extremely nervous.

Unfortunately, there’s no information available concerning how citizens received Butter Boy’s visit and Butter-Me-Up-Day Festivities. All we know is that if you were watching this news show for helpful information about how to participate, you were crap out of luck!

There are some things in life that you can’t live down. Sorry Doug, but this is one of them! What a mess.

Well, there goes the neighborhood. Doug, we love you, and we are simply here for it. Everyone makes mistakes, some of them just happen to be caught on camera.

Better luck next time. Hope you got some of Butter Boy’s butter (?!), Doug!