This Vintage Video Of Prince Shredding On Bass Is Too Funky For You, Sorry


Hate to say it, but there’s just now way you can handle the amount of funk in this video. Prince shreds on bass for the Batman soundtrack, and he just grooves too hard for your brain to understand.

We politely suggest you keep scrolling. This is going to go over your head, no offense.

Please don’t watch Prince shred on bass below, you really won’t be able to appreciate it

Hope you didn’t watch and kept scrolling elsewhere. We’re enjoying it a shit-ton, but you? You probably want something else on our site. Something that does not require an appreciation of musical technique and intuition.

We have a couple videos of kids getting hurt on diving boards, some cool animal content. Go check that stuff out instead of giving yourself an aneurysm attempting to process how awesome this video is.

If Prince’s bass playing were to spin you in a circle and kiss you right on your ass, you wouldn’t even know it.

RIP Prince. He was a legend to music fans across the world, and a deeply influential figure in pop, rock, and soul. But not for you. Maybe this boy barfing up an oyster is your Prince, probably way more up your alley than a virtuoso musician shredding his heart out and not even breaking a sweat.

What are you still doing here? GTFO! GET!!! Don’t come back until you’ve listened to Prince’s entire discography, as well as all the other pop stars and bands that are indebted to his singular, visionary talent.