Total Pivot: Kathy Griffin Weighs In On Kim And Kanye’s Divorce, Doesn’t Mention ANYTHING About Beheading POTUS

by Tom Limo

HOLLYWOOD, CA — Opinions about Kim and Kanye’s split have flooded the internet since the news broke, but there’s one voice that stands out among the rest: Per Page Six, Kathy Griffin has taken to Twitter to say she believes Kim tried everything she could to save her marriage, and to extend her heartfelt support.  

Wow. It’s so awesome that Kathy Griffin is showing such a sensitive side, especially after she went so hog-wild about beheading people back in 2017, when she did that whole I-Beheaded-Donald-Trump photoshoot she seemed really excited about.

This rebrand is actually really nice to see!

Kathy Griffin, whose photos of herself proudly gripping Donald Trump’s (fake but real-looking!) lifeless, bloody head by the hair garnered significant backlash a few years back — and even reportedly scared Barron Trump into thinking she’d actually decapitated his father in real-life — weighed in on the divorce on Twitter.

“I think she really tried,” she wrote, showing no signs of the menacing, blood-thirsty Kathy Griffin she was definitely going for when she wanted everyone to think she cut off the President’s head. “Truly loves him. I like her. He certainly isn’t the devil or anything, but I believe she tried everything to make it work. He made her laugh a lot and she embraced his eccentricities. She loves being a mom more than anything.”

“There’s my two cents,” she concluded.

And Griffin wasn’t the only one feeling sincere. Her post got a hefty reaction on Twitter, and most everyone was simply wishing Kim the best.  

Hell yes. This just goes to show that no matter how far you wander off the path of righteousness, no matter how far into no-man’s-land you go, you can always make your way back to being a kind, loving friend. Here’s to you, Kathy!