TRAILER REVIEW: Denzel Washington One-Ups Paul Blart In “The Little Things”


Denzel Washington is back! Heads up, Paul Blart fans: Denzel’s performance in HBO Max’s The Little Things (2021, dir. John Lee Hancock) is going to be your new favorite portrayal of a law enforcement officer on film. While The Little Things doesn’t appear to feature a mall, and Denzel’s character is a Deputy Sheriff instead of a mall cop, we have a feeling the Paul Blart-hive is going to go apeshit for this upcoming movie.

Check out the trailer below.

Presumably, The Little Things is set in a post-Blart world, where Paul has either died, retired, or disappeared and can no longer be called up on to enforce mall rules. That’s where Denzel’s character steps in, and investigates a series of murders targeting young women. Will Denzel Washington chase a criminal across the desert on a Segway? We hope so.

Who is in this besides Denzel Washington?

The cast of The Little Things rounds out with Jared Leto (Suicide Squad), Rami Malek (The Master), and Natalie Morales (The Little Things). Previously, Steven Spielberg was attached to direct—way back in 1993. How long has this script been collecting dust? Danny DeVito and Clint Eastwood were also in talks to helm the film, though dropped out at some point.


This movie trailer is quite intriguing to the Men’s Humor Trailer Review department. The film invokes Paul Blart yet trusts that the audience is intelligent enough to read between the lines and catch that subtext for themselves. Kevin James turned in a game-changing performance with Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Only time will tell if Denzel has the acting abilities to take the form to the next level. We are going to watch The Little Things, but have no hesitation to turn it off and watch Paul Blart again if it doesn’t rise to the occasion.

The Little Things hits theaters and HBO Max on January 29th, 2021.