TRAILER REVIEW: “Coming 2 America”


HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – Since its release in 1988, Coming To America has entered the official canon of Comedies That Dads Like. Over 30 years later, Amazon Prime has decided that dads are going to have more of it. The first trailer for Coming 2 America (2021) has just hit the web. Check it out below.

You may be wondering, “does this movie need to exist?” We say yes, it does. Any movie that features Eddie Murphy playing like four different characters in really uncomfortable-looking prosthetics gets an automatic 5 stars from Men’s Humor. 

Though Murphy’s turn in Coming 2 America is unlikely to reach the multi-performance triumph of his flatulent work on The Nutty Professor, we whole-heartedly welcome this late-era return to form from the master of 90s fecal comedy.

Murphy is joined by a number of his original co-stars, including Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones, Shari Headley, John Amos, Vanessa Bell Calloway, and Louie Anderson, with new additions to the cast including Wesley Snipes, Leslie Jones, Tracy Morgan, Rick Ross, KiKi Layne, and Jermaine Fowler. Not sure what Rick Ross is doing in this thing, but good for Rick!

This isn’t the only 80s hit that Eddie Murphy’s cashing in on with a sequel: Beverly Hills Cop IV is allegedly set to begin production immediately after the completion of Coming 2 America

The more we think about it, the more we feel that Eddie Murphy should dedicate his efforts to a Nutty Professor 3 instead. Unfortunately, Hollywood no longer has the cajones to show us families competitively passing gas around the dinner table. If there’s a time when the American spirit could use that sort of uplift, it is right now. 

(Jamal Mixon, if you are reading this, your performance as Ernie Klump Jr. in The Nutty Professor and Nutty Professor II: The Klumps saved my life. Before I saw those movies, life was taking me down a dark, dark road. I was falling ever-deeper into a hole I did not think I’d ever be able to crawl out of. I had no friends. No family that wanted anything to do with me. Your work on those films was the light that guided me back onto the path of the righteous. Thank you, Mr. Mixon.)

OUR CONSENSUS: Comedically, Coming 2 America will probably fall closer to Norbit than it does to Bowfinger on the Eddie Murphy Scale Of Quality. And that’s okay!