UFC But In Jeans! That’s Basically What This Insane Bare-Knuckle Fighting League Is

by Tim K

Dudes, correct me if I’m wrong, but I’ll say this… Us DUDES love fights! We just love them! There’s something about watching two adult dudes square up that’s just, like…. viola! Here we go! This is what we want! The problem, though, is that there’s no good place to watch REAL fights anymore. You know what we’re saying? Like, REAL-ASS fights, when two people are just mad at each other and wanna THROWDOWN. There’s not enough of that in our lives. Instead, we just got this watered-down BULLSHIT UFC stuff, which has to get us by…

Until now!

We found a wild-ass video of some BARE-KNUCKLE FIGHTING league in some very-faraway country that is EPIC. The dudes are wearing jeans. Instead of an octagon, they’re fenced in by hay bales (wtf???). The camera is crystal clear and seems professional though, so you’d think they wouldn’t have to use hay bales, but they do. Overall, wild as shit. Very much has the energy of two big angry crazy guys who were talking shit to each other in line at the grocery store and one thing led to another and now they’re in the parking lot fighting with their shirts off while their kids are crying and they’re yelling at them “Stay in the car! Stay IN the car!” but without taking their eyes off the other guy they’re fighting.

Check it out! Wild as shit, truly.