VIDEO: Turns Out Professional Poker Is ACTUALLY The Most Badass Sport In The World

by Tim K

Everyone’s played poker. Online, with friends, whatever, you understand what we’re getting at. It’s common. That’s the point. But how many of us WATCH poker? You know, regularly? Like, several times a week? The opportunity is there, of course. Poker is almost always playing on ESPN2 at around 9 at night. That’s basically the only reason ESPN2 exists: to broadcast poker tournaments from six years ago and broadcast college basketball games for small, non-factor colleges you’ve never heard of and whose colors are always purple or like yellow and green.

So who watches poker???

No one. That’s who. Even though we all SHOULD. Turns out poker is awesome, even if you don’t know the rules. Hell, ESPECIALLY if you don’t know the rules. It’s just a bunch of weird dudes who are either way too skinny or way too overweight quietly talking shit to each other like weirdos. It’s great.

Don’t believe us? Well this video PROVES IT! Our point, we mean!