Watch Mike Judge Do Voices For His ‘Beavis And Butthead’ Characters—Wait, Mike Judge Is BALD?!


Well, this is going to be upsetting for King Of The Hill fans who thought the show’s creator had a flowing head of hair. This video of Mike Judge doing voices for characters from Beavis And Butthead reveals that he is in fact bald as hell. Like, cueball smooth.

Sorry if you thought Mike Judge had a tiny little afro or something. He doesn’t.

Wish it wasn’t us who had to break it to you, but here’s the video of Mike Judge with no hair doing voices

Voices? We didn’t hear any voices. We were transfixed on Mike Judge’s smooth scalp.

Sometimes, you hear someone talking and immediately have an impression of what they look like. In all likelihood, there are a few of you out there who thought Mike Judge sounded like a man with hair. It turns you were wrong.

Please let us know in the comments if you thought Mike Judge had hair and are devastated to learn otherwise due to this Men’s Humor article. (We don’t do comments on the website, just head to our social pages and let us know under any old meme you see, doesn’t matter).

You can’t always be right in life. There are times when the rug gets pulled out from underneath you, you fall on your ass, and you are splayed out on the ground, wondering what the hell you’re gonna do next. This is one of those moments.

Go grab a glass of water or a cigarette, whatever your vice is. You probably need one after seeing Mike Judge with no hair despite the fact that you thought he had some hair based on the sound of his voice alone.

Better luck next time.