Watch These Rockstars YELL At Paparazzi And Become Inspired To Yell At People Yourself!

by Tim K

Rockstars. What can you say about rockstars? Well, they love to ROCK, obviously. They PARTY sometimes, and then they often become SOBER later in life, if they’re lucky enough to make it to that point. A lot of times, they become FAMOUS at a YOUNG age, and then as they get older, they keep on DRESSING THE SAME as they did when they first GOT FAMOUS, which looks so WEIRD, like, 65-year-old dudes with long, stringy hair and expensive-looking jeans. What else?… Hm… Oh, right. Rockstars LOVE yelling at paparazzi! And WE enjoy WATCHING THAT!

Check out this video of rockers yelling at paparazzi and get your ass inspired to yell at folks, too!