25 Evergreen Marvel Memes That Prove It Is the Funniest Movie Franchise Ever

25 Evergreen Marvel Memes That Prove It Is the Funniest Movie Franchise Ever
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Marvel movies have been a special part of Gen-Z and millennials' lives. The biggest cinematic universe unfolded in front of our eyes for over a decade and now we all agree that Marvel is not just a studio giving us superhero movies but it is an integral part of our daily nerdiness. Along with the films, the actors and characters have found a special and permanent place in the hearts of Marvel fanatics. Marvel movies are not only well-written with impeccably cool action scenes but they are also incredibly hilarious featuring witty jokes and pop culture references. Most of the sarcastic remarks in the Marvel films are delivered by characters like Iron Man and others. 


Every now and then, we keep stumbling upon a bunch of hilarious pictures from the Marvel Cinematic Universe which gives us a hit of nostalgia and reminds us how we are emotionally connected to these films. So here are some of the best memes that we have collected from across the internet and it proves that Marvel films are not only evergreen but also relatable and downright hilarious.


 1. Long waits for Marvel movies


2. Tropic Thunder and Marvel crossover maybe?



3. Thor wants his hammer back


4. Grandma's knitting game is stronger than Thanos



5. Endgame would have ended in 2 seconds



6. Hits us right in the heart


7. Life is indeed worth living 



8. Not sure if everyone could hear him whispering it


9. Give her a proper weapon at least



10. Got no energy left to celebrate


11. Nobody leaves until the post-credits roll


12. Human CCTV of Asgard


13. Best glow-up ever


14. Valid argument exists


15. VFX artists deserve a long break now


16. Some serious pun intended


17. Iron Man has the superpower of being rich


18. The plumbers might be Marvel fans


19. Evolution is a natural phenomenon


20. It's me hi, I am the problem it's me


21. Strongest looking team ever


22. Teach us your secret to immortality


23. It's always the wrong moment


24. We get the worst stone ever


25. Marvel-level humor




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 Evergreen Marvel memes for the diehard Marvel fans