25 Times Photographer Dad Scared The Hell Out Of His Wife By Photoshopping Kids In Dangerous Situations

25 Times Photographer Dad Scared The Hell Out Of His Wife By Photoshopping Kids In Dangerous Situations
Cover Image Source: Instagram | onadventurewithdad

Parenthood is teamwork. A 50-50 partnership is ideal for this caregiving journey where couples divide daily tasks equally. Cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, feeding the baby, groceries, laundry, babysitting and you name it. But when life happens, this 50-50 alliance can become 70-30 or 20-80. 


This imbalance needs an immediate switch of roles. Fathers often take a back seat while mothers take on primary caregiving roles in most cases (though this varies and is changing with the times). In critical situations, moms have to rely on their partners, aka dads, to take on the primary role. That is when the 'real' fun begins because dads are unconventional in the most humourous ways and we aren't complaining.


This trend-setter father, Kenny Deuss is not your regular photographer. His Photoshopping skills are a laugh riot. The intent behind this project is even more entertaining as every time his wife asks how the kids are doing, he sends her a morphed image of their kids in dangerous situations. His Instagram account @oneadventurewithdad is beyond hilarious. Hence, we couldn't resist listing his 25 most amusing photographs. Here's an invitation to all the dads to have adventurous times with their offspring because it's worth it, and to the moms, we would say, don't panic, your kids are in good hands.


1. Catch!! 




2. OMG! 



3. Oh yeah!




4. Such a hands-on kid




5. Little Braveheart



6. Dad's Me-Time




7. Let loose



8. Oh God!




9. Watch out



10. Time to settle some scores



11. Bon appétit



12. Panicking.



13. Mom screams: "Look at the back"



14. Two-in-one



15. LOL



16. Need some help, son?



17. She's tougher than you think



18. Almost got it.



19. Mow it, son.



20. Woah!



21. Rocking the game



22. HAHA!



23. Masterchef



24. Safety first.



25. Oh thy demons.


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