Florida Man Buys $140,000 Porsche Using Check Printed At Home

Florida Man Buys $140,000 Porsche Using Check Printed At Home

The guy's a hero, and a thief too!

There's something about Florida Man that he never stays out of the news. Their capacity to do the unthinkable is immense and just when you think you have seen it all, another Florida Man emerges with a deed so bizarre that you are forced to rethink your own life choices! One Florida Man, Casey William Kelley, went ahead and bought a $140,000 Porsche by using fake checks he printed on his home computer.


As reported by North Florida Daily News, and according to authorities, "A Wewahitchka man walked into a car dealership in Okaloosa County and left in a Porsche after paying with a check printed from his home computer." 

Casey William Kelley (Walton County Florida Sheriff's Office)


According to the arrest report filed by the Walton County Sheriff’s Office, "During the investigation, it was determined Kelley had purchased a Porsche 911 Turbo from a Porsche dealership in Destin by using a fraudulent check written for $139,203.05 on Monday, July 27." The report added:  "The next day, Kelley presented a check in the amount of $61,521 to a jeweler in Miramar Beach in an attempt to purchase three Rolex watches."


The Porsche was later reported stolen and the watch seller had held on to the watches until the checks cleared. He reported the incident to the cops when he found out that the check was fake.


He was arrested and taken to the Walton County Jail and he confessed to the authorities that his bank had not issued those checks and that he had used his home computer to print them. He was arrested for grand theft of a motor vehicle and uttering a false banknote. But pulling off such a move is quite impressive nevertheless!

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