25 Weirdest Celebrity Interactions That the Internet Can’t Erase From Its Memory

25 Weirdest Celebrity Interactions That the Internet Can’t Erase From Its Memory
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The internet never forgets celebrity gossip as these are shared and reshared multiple times and attain viral status. Iconic and hilarious celebrity interactions with media and other celebrities get a permanent place on the web. Whether it's TV show host Jimmy Fallon realizing that he could have had a life with Nicole Kidman or Cardi B and Nicki Minaj having a physical feud, they become meme makers' targets and are popularized with additional dashes of humor. So when @PopBase on Twitter popped a question to Twitterati, asking them to comment about their "favorite celebrity interaction," people couldn't hold back from sharing the most ridiculous stories and videos in response to the prompt. We have rounded up the 25 best celebrity interaction moments as recalled by these netizens which prove that we can spot bizarre situations everywhere if we are attentive.


1. Jimmy Fallon finding out he could have dated Nicole Kidman



2. Jennifer Lawrence and Jack Nicholson flirting


3. Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow's awkward interaction



4. Guess who is drunk here?


5. When Superman is disappointed in you



6. This fueled a lot of fanfictions



7. Aquaman ready to pounce on Superman


8. Anthony Mackie embarrassing Sebastian Stan mid-interview



9. Cara Delevingne and Megan Thee Stallion's weird red carpet moment


10. Di Caprio avoids Lady Gaga's touch



11. Jealous fans were crying in a corner


12. Smoothest drink heist ever


13. That kiss turned her into jelly


14. That freakout was legit


15. Dakota Johnson's savage moment on Ellen


16. If you know then you know


17. The burn marks are still fresh


18. Kanye being Kanye and the rest is history


19. Miley still gets nightmares from this night


20. Queen Beyonce crashing in


21. We want the tea too


22. UNO reverse card from Chris Evans


23. That iconic rejected hug


24. But Naomi is definitely high


25. Lil Mama crashing Jay-Z and Alicia Keys' performance


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