25 Text Message Fails That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter

25 Text Message Fails That Will Leave You Rolling On The Floor With Laughter
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A vast majority of us prefer to text over receiving calls. However, there are times when the message gets lost in translation or unnecessary autocorrects. Sometimes typos are so lethal that they may cause the end of a relationship or give a wrong message to another person. A single failed text message is enough to cause you embarrassment for the rest of your life.


You might have encountered bizarre texts from your parents as they try to figure out technology or you might have encountered a flirt online who doesn't even know how to type right. Long story short, we have all been a victim of text message failures at least once in our lives or we might have been the one to send a message full of errors. Either way, some of these text messages might have become a hilarious part of your memory. Here we have collected 25 of the funniest text message fails which will either make you cringe, refresh some of your bittersweet memories, or make you think twice before you hit the "send" button.


1. Thank god, he didn't go to the literal heaven


2. Typos are our biggest enemies



3. People might doubt your English speaking skills



4. He will never forget this rejection


5. The wrong number fiasco



6. When voice recognition betrays you



7. Check your emojis before you send it


8. This must be embarrassing



9. Girl is correcting your spelling error for free


10. Hope she gets the bed he wished for


11. Trying and failing



12. Sending hate comments to the wrong inbox


13. Just wanted to say, Coolio


14. The phone is dead but the person is alive


15. She didn't mean any harm


16. Did the owners go bacon though?


17. Drunk memories from last night



18. How did that person become a hornet?


19. Spare the grandma for dinner


20. Either way that person is busy


21. When the reality hits you


22. Narrow escape maybe


23. Some conversations are so dull


24. That trip is definitely not happening


25. Narrow escape from a quick divorce


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 Funniest text message fails to make you laugh