25 Parents Who Turned to Humor For Respite From Their 'Little Devils': "5-Year-Old Wants Beauty Sleep"

25 Parents Who Turned to Humor For Respite From Their 'Little Devils': "5-Year-Old Wants Beauty Sleep"
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Ah! Parenting. One day you are in absolute awe of what you created and admire your child's adorable antics; other days, you scream at the sheer helplessness of handling the "little devils". And there is no in-between. Parenting is an emotional roller coaster ride enough to drive you insane.


Don't get us wrong; we understand despite all the hardships, you love your "little devils". But, some parents face the reality of parenting challenges and tell it like it is. No sugar coating. And that helps because they find a community of fellow parents stuck in the same mess. 


Parents who think their "parental tool-kit" is well-equipped have missed a "powerful" tool. Humor. Whether you have an infant giving you dark circles, an obstinate toddler, an inquisitive pre-schooler, or an argumentative teen—you can always count on humor. 


Rod A. Martin, one of the premier researchers on this topic, in his book, 'The Psychology of Humor: An Integrative Approach,' says, "Besides boosting positive emotions and counteracting negative moods like depression and anxiety, humor is thought to be a valuable mechanism for coping with stressful life events."

"When applied in your family, humor can be a subtle but successful tactic to address your children's annoying behaviors or missteps. For parents who are infuriated by what their child has done, summoning humor in those frustrating moments can also reduce a parent's anger while diffusing a tense situation," per U.S.News.


That's why we have gathered the 25 most humorous tweets from parents who have mastered this tool. 

1. Hahaha



2. It better remain a secret


3. Gotcha!



4. Worth trying




5. LOL



6. Just nod if you "hare" me




7. OUCH!



8. Dad's 



9. Like, seriously.



10. Take your time, dear.



11. SIGH!



12. LMAO



13. And sleep in peace



14. Olivia is genius



15. Coffee tasted different



16. And his world turned upside down



17. Hospital refused



18. It was just a crocodile



19. OMG!



20. Ugh!!



21. Nothing is yours



22. Culprit is right here



23. Weeeeeee



24. Beauty what?



25. And it's so moist


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