25 Savage YouTube Comments Funnier Than Actual Content | "He Looks Like Science"

25 Savage YouTube Comments Funnier Than Actual Content | "He Looks Like Science"
Cover Image Source: (L) Twitter | insanepplYT, (R) Getty Images | Mario Tama

People watch YouTube for a bunch of reasons. It's an online space that caters to all kinds of entertainment. Food, films, kid's cartoons, daily vlogs by random influencers, comedy shows, you name it. Whatever you fancy, you'll get it on YouTube. But we must admit, it's not just the content that keeps us hooked. 


One of our online guilty pleasures is indulging in the comment section and reading people's hilarious takes on the videos. In fact, dare we say, the comments entertain us better than the actual content sometimes. After all, the purpose is to distract ourselves from the daily grind and laugh. Although prolonged distraction is rather unhealthy, a quick break in the form of funny videos refreshes us. Indulging in harmless entertainment is a sin we would like to commit repeatedly. Sometimes YouTube videos are pretty unwatchable and that's when we check the comment section to find the real treasure. People's hilarious two cents and savage opinions crack us up like nothing. If this weren't the case, Twitter wouldn't have a dedicated account for hysterically savage YouTube comments. Yes, we aren't joking. 



Absolutely Insane YouTube Comments @insanepplYT has a collection of remarkably hilarious screenshots of comments that have earned their place on the platform. We have dug out the 25 most savage, funny and outright hilarious comments. 


1. Ouch!




2. LOL! 



3. Did you?




4. No offense




5. Ditto



6. Damn it!




7. Plot twist




8. Haha! 



9. OMG!



10. LMAO!



11. Savage



12. Killed it



13. Hahaha!



14. Tragedy



15. Served right



16. Really?



17. Thoughtful



18. Crab has a company



19. Ah! The similarity



20. Wild



21. 10/10



22. Insane



23. Thank you!



24. Good Lord, hilarious



25. Practice


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