These 25 Pictures Without Context Show Us Japan’s Kookiest Inventions

These 25 Pictures Without Context Show Us Japan’s Kookiest Inventions
Cover Image Source: Facebook | Japanese Stuff Without Context

When you think of Japan, things like martial arts, calligraphy, anime, origami and geishas might come to mind. You might also think about numerous themed cafes and the special Ichiran Ramen but Japan is not limited to being one of the most popular countries for your dream vacation. It is also known for its innovations, marketing tactics and weirdly manufactured products which might appear out of context to many of us. We have stumbled upon the Japanese Stuff Without Context Facebook page which gives us a unique glimpse of the country. Just like the name reads, these random images captured in Japan will leave you giggling and scratching your head at the same time, wondering who came up with these quirky ideas.


1. 360-degree protection from rain



2. Casually doing a Mario cart race


3. Fake eyelashes ultra pro max



4. Finding comfort


5. Everyone after their office shift ends



6. We like his no-nonsense attitude



7. Someone please give her a tube of toothpaste


8. Pikachu is having a rough time



9. The Kanamara Matsuri festival is shocking indeed


10. They never run out of weird ideas



11. What is even going on?


12. Hmm, these pandas look different


13. Man got his priorities straight


14. Carrying your manga collection everywhere


15. Preparing for the apocalypse with the power of music


16. Trending in Japan 


17. We need more space to accommodate that hairdo


18. Hoodlums confronting the innocent schoolgirl


19. You must carry a slice of watermelon in your purse


20. Dressing up for Halloween in Japan like:


21. Interesting packaging


22. Son might be a cosplayer


23. Someone took Junji Ito's manga seriously


24. Putting kids to work early


25. Posing by the poop mountain?


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