25 Awfully Funny but Fundamentally Wrong Life Lessons Imparted by Disney Stories | “True Love Evolves From Kidnapping”

25 Awfully Funny but Fundamentally Wrong Life Lessons Imparted by Disney Stories | “True Love Evolves From Kidnapping”
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Disney shaped our perspective of the world as a child. Disney's characters, movie plots, outfits and castles are all etched in our minds forever. The Disney stories are also chock full of wisdom as cartoon characters have shared pearls of wisdom over the years. According to statistics, Walt Disney became one of the largest media powerhouses when it bought all the media assets of 21st Century Fox for $71.3 billion, per Investing.com. It was a modest animation studio that became the most influential media giant. Disney expanded from TV to film companies, theme parks and merchandise. We all love the content Disney produces but sometimes even Disney has come up with horrible life lessons and promoted wrong concepts. 



Some lessons from Disney stories did not hit the right chord, although they were presented with colorful and beautiful storytelling. They encouraged old-school thoughts and philosophical ideologies that evolved people were not ready to accept. We have gathered 25 least practical lessons from Disney stories that shouldn't be taken literally, as shared in the AskReddit community.  


1. Consent matters

"Sleeping Beauty: "If you see a chick sleeping just go right up to her and start kissing." 
- u/[deleted]

2. SIGH!

From Toy Story: "Kids who show creativity and imagination by disassembling toys to make new toys are evil and should be psychologically tortured." 
- u/deleted


3. Not advisable

"From Aladdin, I thought melons could easily be cracked open over my knee. Some tears and a very bruised knee later, I found that this was not, in fact, a real thing."
- u/flowercurtains


4. Well.

"Just repeatedly bludgeon someone with a cast-iron skillet, so hard that they black out. They'll be fine, don't worry. And it's funny! Also, foxes and rabbits make the best of buddies!"
- u/[deleted]


5. Hahaha

"Any problem can be solved if you sing a song." 
- u/gorgorita32



6. Come on.

"One or both parents need to die before kids can realize their full potential." 
- u/DrColdReality


7. Real-life princesses

"No, there is no such thing as princesses. No, you can't grow up to be a princess... Oh God damn it. Meghan Markle!"
- u/Grothus


8. And rodents will sew you a dress

"If you don't have a dress for the ball at the castle, just go and sulk in a room full of rodents." 
- u/NotATrombonist


9. Beauty and the Beast

"True love evolves from a kidnapping."
- u/Gabriel_Logen


10. Ratatouille

"Don't try to kill all those friendly rats in your kitchen, they'll help you cook gourmet meals."
- u/Mild111


11. LOL

"If you are pure of heart you can approach wild animals. Unless you want 20 needles in the stomach, don't do this."
- u/Scoob1978


12. Yeah

"If you have a problem, just run away from it and build your own badass castle on a mountain - forget about everyone that loves you or depends on you." 
- u/PeterGibbons316 


13. World of Magic

"It's perfectly normal if you see a candelabra and a clock having an argument." 
- u/MonochroMayhem



14. Body negativity? 


- "Your waist should be the size of your neck. (No joke, watch Sleeping Beauty. At points her neck is actually BIGGER.)" -u/[deleted]


15. Hmm.

"That death and abandonment are real and Walt had no problem showing it to us poor kids. Two words: Dumbo, Bambi. There's more but I'm having flashbacks. Oh God, Ol' Yeller.... augh!"
- u/marvellwasright


16. Idealistic

"That everything works out in the end and that the world is a just place."
- u/MistyEyedGuy


17. Arrgghh!

"That marriage is the end goal, rather than the start of the journey."
- u/billnelson2


18. No glass shoes

"That glass shoes are cool. Who wears glass shoes!? Somebody who wants a severed Achilles’ tendon the first time they go dancing, that's who."
- u/Col_Walter_Tits


19. Yeah right.

"Falling in love at first sight with the first possible suitor. At least, Frozen poked fun at it."
- u/AwesomeExo



20. Not acceptable

"Not listening to your parents and putting yourself in a dangerous situation will get you a happily ever after (Little Mermaid)."
- u/CellarDoor_86


21. Cut some slack

"Stepmoms are evil. Marriage is hard, especially when one party already has a child with someone else. Cut some slack!"
- u/InRustWeTrust


22. The demigod

"If you meet a fat dude who is claiming he's a demigod in the middle of an island in the middle of the goddamn sea, at least 50% of the time you're gonna get killed."
- u/vzsax


23. Change of heart

"Stay with an abusive person long enough and he'll eventually stop being a monster (Beauty and the Beast)."
- u/bool_idiot_is_true


24. Float away

"That everything's better down where it's wetter, under the sea.
The ocean is a dangerous place, kid. We all float down here."
- u/Mikomics


25. Happily ever after

"That every girl has a man waiting for her and the man is the only one that can complete her life and create a happy ending." 
- u/Cupcakewas

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