These 25 Illustrations of Bad Puns Will Tickle Your Funny Bone and Lighten Your Mood | “Everything Whale Be Okay”

These 25 Illustrations of Bad Puns Will Tickle Your Funny Bone and Lighten Your Mood | “Everything Whale Be Okay”
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Are you having a rough day at work? Or perhaps you are feeling the intense sting of burnout. Then you have arrived at the right place because these cute little illustrations will not fail to put a smile on your face. How about a chimpanzee reminding you that "you are a chimpion?" Maybe you just need a tiny reminder that "you don't need to worry and just be yappy." This Australia-based creative/digital artist couple Lisa and Elijah are the people behind @lefddesigns and they specialize in creating minimalistic funny illustrations full of bad puns. The best thing is that their hilarious illustrations are also available in various types of prints. The humorous wordplay and cheeky designs of these artists will make you think that the puns are so bad that they are actually good. So prepare yourself to chuckle at these 25 pun-tastic illustrations which we have curated for you, hoping that they reenergize you and make you appreciate life again. Scroll through and enjoy these punny illustrations.


1. Give Mr. Fox a damn break



2. Encouragement from this adorable chimp


3. Keep rolling

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3. Everything will be okay eventually


5. Worth sharing with your fellow caffeine addict



6. Yoda knows you are the best



7. Even crepes have a crappy day


8. Never doubt that you are fantastic



9. Or maybe one in a billion


10. Beware of the vamp kitty



11. Robot got a cute butt


12. Better be a smart cookie than a tough cookie


13. Quality friends are hard to find


14. If a squid was in Harry Potter


15. Stay yappy and chill


16. Don't overreact like chemicals in a lab


17. Don't take it literally though


18. Skunks are perfect for puns


19. How mushrooms have conversations


20. Behold the magical kitty


21. This axolotl had a rough day


22. Make room for the right people in your heart


23. Thyme just wanna have some fun


24. Who needs Claus when you have Paws?


25. Must exercise to stay fit


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