Artist's 25 Bad Puns Based on Everyday Objects Are Downright Ribtickling

Artist's 25 Bad Puns Based on Everyday Objects Are Downright Ribtickling
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @creativeblok

Don't we all love puns despite them being good or bad? At least, we can chuckle out loud (or quietly) at these cute and funny minimalistic drawings by Irina Blok on the @creativeblok Instagram page where the designer creates a series of drawings called Pretty Bad Puns. As the name reads, it's all about bad puns inspired by our day-to-day lives, activities and objects we encounter often. So we have listed 25 of the most pun-tastic art from the Instagram page for your enjoyment and some of them are so cringy that they are actually good.


1. Pulling your own threads



2. Tire has to spin around the whole day after all


3. The book needs saving before it saves you



4. It might be better if we punch the newspaper instead


5. Sometimes, the time needs a vacation too



6. Would love to have a singing bar of soap



7. It pretty much looks like a crime scene here


8. The pills need a quick nap as well



9. If only we had vaccine shots available in the pub


10. The weather up there isn't looking too good today



11. What if they start selling these brushes for real?


12. That fish must be really entertaining


13. Even a plank of wood gets bored


14. It's worse when the trash can starts spitting hate


15. If we had quarters for our heads


16. When the button breaks off your shirt it surely panics


17. Let's ask the power outlet for some cool ideas


18. What work from home feels like


19. The growth always makes us look chunky


20. We literally don't know how these years flew by so quickly


21. Never do this in public though


22. Just in case your computer gets a virus


23. Always avoid these calls


24. We need some comforting words from our plate of food too


25. These are really heavy to carry around


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