25 Weirdly Nostalgic College Life Posts That Gave Us Happy-Sad Tears

25 Weirdly Nostalgic College Life Posts That Gave Us Happy-Sad Tears
Cover Image Source: Instagram | College Confessions

If we want to relive college life, it is because of the endless fun memories of the time. This Instagram account, College Confessions is an ode to invaluable college days. Their relatable and [extremely] funny college life memes are for everyone. Whether you are about to get into college, an ongoing college student or a pass out, their memes will hit home and take you on a joyride. 


Although we admit, college life is not always hunky-dory and many students face unfortunate incidents like spats or ragging that get permanently etched in their minds. The newest National Data report reveals that "one-third of the screened college students deal with anxiety." The statistics of the same study said "18 percent of the respondents suffer from moderate and 17 percent from severe anxiety" and "41 percent of students struggle with depression," per What To Become. These memes are taking every college memory—good, bad or ugly and looking at it humorously. So, scroll through these 25 college life memes that gave us happy-sad tears. 


1. Wild




2. Do the math




3. Week in a nutshell



4. OMG!!




5. Multitasking on another level




6. Bro is losing it



7. Power nap before PowerPoint presentation




8. Woah!



9. Brown water in the dorm room




10. Sigh!



11. Not a morning person



12. Final's survival drink



13. WOW!



14. Out of place


15. It's Exams vs Me



16. Maybe?



17. Bravo!



18. How did the professor know?



19. Wizardly



20. Iconic



21. Impressed



22. Priorities guys



23. Seriously



24. This hits



25. No courage


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