25 Epic Times People Failed in English Language but Won at Humor | “You Will Immediately Be Ejaculated”

25 Epic Times People Failed in English Language but Won at Humor | “You Will Immediately Be Ejaculated”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | BruhEnglish

It takes just a misplaced 'o' or an absent of 'e' to twist the meaning of a regular word. The page, English Bruh Moments on Twitter has a collection of images featuring many such weird words. Although universally acknowledged as the most common language to communicate, English has its fair share of language failures. "In 2022, there were around 1.5 billion people worldwide who spoke English either natively or as a second language, slightly more than the 1.1 billion Mandarin Chinese speakers at the time of the survey," according to Statistica.  


However, English remains a second or third language for many countries across continents. Consequently, people find it challenging to sometimes speak, write and even translate words into correct English. Therefore, many non-native speakers remain disadvantaged in English proficiency and fall victim to the hilarious word twists. The internet has letters, posters, hoardings and even private message screenshots recording people's epic English language fails. It won't be an exaggeration to call English a funny language as it heavily borrows its words from other languages and keeps evolving. For instance, 'anonymous' has a Greek origin, 'safari' has Arabic roots while every kid's favorite word, 'cartoon' belongs to Italy. 


We have gathered the 25 most side-splitting, absurd, and double-meaning English fails from the 'English Bruh Moments' page which has over 29k followers.  


1. Censored.



2. University of Potato ice




3. What this?




4. OK.



5. Cum and Eat




6. Shakespeare said, "What's in a name?"



7. Bro, that's a crime




8. Say No to Yes



9. Exterminate capitalism



10. "Prostituted"



11. How fruity



12. Epic fail



13. That wrong placement of 'r'



14. Wait for a second



15. Irresistible and constipation



16. Do You mean Coke?



17. Baby debuts



18. Evacuated, right?



19. Don't go to the future.



20. Right bro



21. Let us know too



22. LOL



23. OUCH!



24. Ah!



25. People are born by accidents


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