These 25 Chaotic Moments From the Wildest Parties Will Have You in Stitches

These 25 Chaotic Moments From the Wildest Parties Will Have You in Stitches
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @ClubPhotos_

It doesn't matter what season it is—party animals are always ready to party hard. However, when at a wild party, don't expect anyone to follow any sort of decorum or etiquette. You can instead expect blinding disco lights, folks demonstrating a bunch of bizarre dance moves and sloshed people trying to make their way to the washroom before they puke on another partygoer. If you squint hard enough, you might even spot a goat or perhaps a llama in the crowd. And of course, there are people who deliberately or unwittingly become the center of chaos when they have a few extra shots at the bar. Thankfully, we don't need to attend crazy parties at the clubs to witness these moments firsthand because a Twitter account called @ClubPhotos_ has dedicated a whole page to capturing funny moments from clubs for our entertainment. And here are 25 of the most side-splitting shots and videos from clubs summing up what goes down at clubs and parties when everyone is high.


1. When your homies betray you



2. Looks like the aftermath of an apocalypse


3. Grandpa got sick moves on the dance floor



4. When you dance too hard 


5. What's even going on?



6. Must have been one hell of a party



7. Llamas just want to have some fun


8. Loyal friends are hard to find



9. The aliens came to abduct her


10. Exactly how drunk are you?



11. It's not a dog, it's a dawg


12. He was too stunned to speak


13. The GOAT has walked into the club


14. When you solve one problem but another one follows up


15. Richest person in the club


16. A rejection he will never forget


17. She became what she hated


18. Everyone at the bar after a bad day at work


19. Tell us you are single without telling us you are single


20. When they don't have any cocktail shakers


21. Seafood lovers always party with their favorite lobster


22. That is probably the worst party trick


23. Human smoke machine at the club


24. Four stages of getting drunk at a club


25. When you are the light of the party


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