These 25 Minimalistic Illustrations by Comic Artist Will Serve You The Laughs

These 25 Minimalistic Illustrations by Comic Artist Will Serve You The Laughs
Cover Image Source: Instagram | @snelse_

The right comic strips keep us intelligently entertained. The artist, Steven Nelson is creating a refreshing blend of funny comic panels in his minimalistic art style which are entertaining people from all over the world.  Nelson's art pieces pack an impactful punch and his clever mix of satire and dry humor is definitely chucklesome. As the artist grows on the social media platform, we have rounded up some of his best creations from his popular Instagram account @snelse_. Scroll through them for your daily dose of witty humor.


1. Be careful while tanning



2. Dr. Frankenstein has arrived


3. Pinocchio wasn't the right undercover agent



4. George Michael is turning in his grave


5. Which type of people are you?



6. Even the X-Ray knows that you are dead inside



7. Constipated people can relate


8. Not much has changed since then



9. She didn't mean table-tennis


10. Stealing dead bodies too?



11. She just doesn't want to be tied down with a ring


12. Cats reach settlements like this


13. Rest of the time it's closed for business


14. Poor creatures with short arms


15. This is not how therapy works


16. Penguins defying the odds


17. You can never understand kids these days


18. Say no to sparkling water


19. Oh no, not the kitty!


20. Fortune tellers are useless these days


21. No that's a distress signal


22. Tortoises and their issues with having a conversation


23. Shouldn't have turned his neck 360 degrees


24. Shriveled up like a raisin


25. How pyramids were built


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