25 Weird Out-of-Context Images That Definitely Need Some Context for the Sake of Our Sanity

25 Weird Out-of-Context Images That Definitely Need Some Context for the Sake of Our Sanity
Cover Image Source: Twitter/@ConfusingImages

Have you ever walked down the road to find a person hoisting a fish over their head? You might have wondered what the context is behind such an act. Or you might have seen a random CCTV footage where a person's head is missing. You might have stumbled upon some bizarre images on the internet and realized that it absolutely has no context. Well, truth be told, the internet is full of crazy images and videos which can't be explained rationally. We have discovered an interesting Twitter page of @ConfusingImages which is dedicated to finding some of the weirdest and unintentionally funny images with zero context across the web. We have rounded up 25 funniest and most ridiculous images to entertain you. These pictures might keep you digging in search of some context. Rest assured, these won't fail to make you laugh.


1. Where did the head go



2. Jesus wants a showdown


3. When you got an exam tomorrow



4. Greatest way to get someone's attention


5. Bro is probably going for a late walk



6. How to ruin a wedding photo easily



7. How will they explain this to their parents?


8. Practicing a dive at the wrong pool



9. Kitty was caught red-handed


10. That is definitely not a dog



11. Sorry teacher but the highlighter wins


12. If you see them in your alley...run


13. It's time for revenge


14. The bees did not spare him


15. Just a normal lemonade stand


16. Lizard will pay the bills


17. Is that the real Remy?


18. Tell me you are lonely without telling me you are lonely


19. Lord Mickey at the altar


20. The horse is undercover


21. Using telekinetic powers on pizza


22.  Luxury travel for polar bear


23. Always celebrate with your favorite fish


24. Bro defied gravity


25. Are you sure that's your dog?


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 Funny out of context images that need some context to keep us sane