25 Evergreen Memes That Will Leave Full-Time Plant Parents Laughing

25 Evergreen Memes That Will Leave Full-Time Plant Parents Laughing
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Being a plant parent comes with a lot of joy, many broken pots, dried leaves and a few good memes. You might die of dehydration but still, never forget to water those plant babies. Not everyone around can understand these rules of gardening or the norms of having a green thumb. The more plants you have around you the better you feel even when your pocket is empty and your home is turning into a jungle. Here are some gardening memes from the Instagram page Plantbased_memes that we could plant in the hearts of people with green thumbs and spades.


1. Planted a date



2. Plant girl is saving this planet


3. We have our own needs 



4. It was Patricia 


5. No! It's more than "cool"



6. Plant got cornered


7. "Probably it is only the lighting "



8. We lie to ourselves 


9. "I would buy them anyway"

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10. Dead but keeping them alive


11.  When you're broke but at least have good plants



12. The green butt of all jokes


13. Ouch!



14. Cup holder = plant holder


15. Full-time plant parent


16. Don't you dare


17. Here I come


18. Expensive heart advice...still better than drugs though 


19. Get bigger shelves


20. Plant play date


21. No limit


22. Life-changing indeed


23. Where is the lie?


24. Plant needs more water than I do 


25. Best revival


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