25 Side-Splitting Movie Tweets Shared by Cinephiles That Scream "Plot Twist"

25 Side-Splitting Movie Tweets Shared by Cinephiles That Scream "Plot Twist"
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The cinematic experience is surely one of a kind. Before it was invented, people probably never imagined that it would become such a huge part of our lives. Years later, cinema has not only evolved but has become something that even holds great influence over our culture.


We all have either watched a film recently or been planning to indulge in one. It does not just end there though. 

After a movie is over, we discuss the scenes, watching experience, and the plot with our near and dear ones. From the frustration over a poorly executed climax or the death of our favorite protagonist to the thrill of an artistically shot scene or a particularly clever plot twist, our thoughts are consumed by the film for hours after it ends. Long story short, our lives revolve around movies and cinema. 


Twitter is one platform where people share their viewpoints regularly. Whether it is some bizarre news or a funny incident, Twitterati never ceases to rant about almost everything. So why would cinema be an exception?


Over the years, cinema lovers have shared a lot of tweets about the how's and why's of their favorite movies, and also about the ones they dislike. This is why it does not come as a surprise that movie tweets are a separate genre of their own. So to celebrate the cinephiles among us, we have collected the 25 funniest thoughts about movies that have popped up on Twitter. Check them out here:

1. Ideal life



2. So apt!


3. Like seriously, how?!



4. So funny


5. Poor thing



6. Hahaha!


7. Maybe



8. Legit true


9. Excited



10. LOLing


11. A friendly reminder


12. Just saying


13. Bwahaha


14. Sigh


15. This is terrifying



16. Scooby-Dooby-Doo


17. Flip the narrative


18. Life goal: be a mermaid


19. Being identical and all


20. OK!


21. Second that


22. Get it right


23. Not complaining though


24. Well!



25. Like, seriously


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