These 25 Goofy Tweets That Scream “Made-In-Canada” Will Make You Cackle | “Canadians Be Like: ‘Yeah, No for Sure’”

These 25 Goofy Tweets That Scream “Made-In-Canada” Will Make You Cackle | “Canadians Be Like: ‘Yeah, No for Sure’”
Cover Image Source: Twitter | @MaggieTheBee / @ThatEricAlper

There are a lot of posts, memes and tweets from different countries of the world. People from different places get to know more about other countries by just going through them. They can be informative yet entertaining and most importantly, hilarious (as memes are supposed to be). Some tweets are as sweet as maple. Some tweets are as cool as snow castles. Some tweets are as polite as beavers. Some tweets are as straightforward as a goose. Some tweets are as grizzly as a bear. Some tweets are sorry to even occupy space on Twitter. Most of these tweets are stereotypically made in Canada. Here are 25 hilarious tweets that are from Canadians for Canadians and all about Canadians. You may now enjoy the funny comparisons Americans make with their neighboring country. 


1. Decent neighbors 



2. Dogs with helmets 


3. Definitely!



4. Such rage 


5. Beaver tree



6. Cougar in Vancouver 



7. Tough dilemma 


8. A little heat...basically summers 



9. Not all of them 


10. No problem at all!



11. Ticket = compliment 


12. Gummy hero 


13. They do...


14. Super 'cool'


15. For sure 


16. The gang 


17. Comedian citizen 


18. Stuffy problem 


19. I apologize for apologizing 


20. Really sorry...


21. Maple-scented pens 


22. Snow castles 


23. Don't disturb 'em 


24. Park the broom 


25. That shipping cost 


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 Funny tweets that are as Canadian as it can get